Tori Mudie from On Your Mind Counselling

Hi, I'm Tori.
It's great to meet you!

I am so grateful you are here because if you’re reading this, I’m hoping you are contemplating taking a major step in your own growth and healing journey. And there is truly nothing more gratifying than seeing people become the person or couple they knew they could always be.

In my work as a Psychotherapist, Couples Counsellor, and Client Advocate I aim to see every single client feels heard, understood, and supported throughout the therapeutic process.

Let's get to know each other!

If you are looking to step into a counselling experience, you can expect to be actively engaged to better understand the intricacies of your concerns and how to practically take steps toward your preferred future. All done within an inviting environment that fosters growth, self-acceptance, and fulfillment.

My therapeutic approach aligns with the values of On Your Mind Counselling: Expertise, Belonging, and Life Change. I incorporate the latest versions of evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and The Gottman Method - a highly researched therapeutic framework specifically for relationships.

All to guide my clients to utilize personal strengths, break down unhelpful thought processes, create obtainable goals, and more.


I look forward to meeting you,

Tori  Mudie


Specialties: Couples (Premarital & Relationship Counselling)

We Would Be A Good Fit If You Are A(n):

  • Pre-Marital Couple seeking to build a strong foundation before your marriage even begins
  • Struggling couple looking for guidance in an urgent circumstance
  • Committed couple seeking support in continuing to maintain and grow your healthy relationship


What Does The Couples Counselling Process Look Like?

01. Initial Introductory Session

02. Researched-based Questionnaire

03. Individual Assessment Sessions

04. Joint Feedback Session

05. Ongoing Couples Work


Join Tori Mudie, founder of On Your Mind Counselling, for short teachings on all things mental & emotional health, lifestyle, and relationship insights. Catch us on Facebook and Instagram live @OnYourMindCounselling.

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