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Gottman Workshop

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Gottman Therapy Workshops in Ontario

Are you looking for a way to improve your relationship? Are you struggling with communication, navigating conflict, or connecting with your partner? Are you simply looking for a tune up?

Whether you are a new couple just starting out or a seasoned couple, we understand that navigating a relationship can be challenging at times and we want to assist you in having the most fulfilling relationship possible.

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Workshop Details

This 2 day psycho-educational workshop is based off of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book by Dr. John Gottman, PH.D and his 40 years of research studying couples. John and his colleagues have concluded there are 7 main areas that impact any relationship. When these areas are made a priority couples experience an increase in overall satisfaction in the relationship.
Acknowledging and respecting each other’s deepest most personal hopes and dreams is key to saving and enriching your marriage. - John Gottman

What To Expect

You can expect to be engaged and equipped with evidence-based knowledge, skills, and tools that are easy to understand, and can be practically applied to your daily life. You will have the opportunity to practice new skills in a private setting. Participants will not share their personal experiences in front of others.

What You Will Learn

The knowledge, skills, and tools that are presented are based off of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work:
  • Enhancing Love Maps
  • Nurturing Fondness and Admiration
  • Turn Toward Each Other
  • Let Your Partner Influence You
  • Solving Solvable Problems
  • Overcoming Gridlock
  • Creating Shared Meaning

What Is Included

Registration includes a copy of The Seven Principles for Marriage Marriage Work book, two workbooks, Love Map/Open-ended Questions card decks, engaging presentation by a highly trained Registered Psychotherapist, personal support and guidance as needed, and refreshments.


$599 per couple
This fee must be paid in advance in order to secure registration for the workshop. Register and pay online by clicking the Register Now buttons on this page.

Couples Workshop Offerings

Dates & Locations

  • To be determined
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - Image - On Your Mind Counselling
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People Often Ask Us

Who is the facilitator?

The presenter, Tori Mudie MA, CCC, RP is highly trained in the Gottman Method and exclusively sees couples in her private practice as a Registered Psychotherapist. When she is not working with couples to improve their relationships she is busy building her business; On Your Mind Counselling. Tori is exceptionally proud of the work she does and is excited to meet with you. If you would like to contact Tori directly she can be reach at:

What is your cancellation policy?

Your registration fee is non-refundable, but transferable. Once registered, if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending our workshop please contact us and we will offer you the opportunity to attend another workshop at a later date. If you cancel within 72 hours of the workshop there will be a charge of $75 for administrative costs. All workshops are registered on a first come, first serve basis. Please call our office if you have any questions:

Will my insurance cover this?

Insurance policies vary depending upon benefit plans; therefore there is no simple answer to this question. As a psycho-educational workshop your policy may cover the workshop as it is being delivered by a Registered Psychotherapist. Please inquire with your insurance provider for further clarification.

Do I have to share in this workshop?

Absolutely not! We want to encourage a safe and comfortable environment for all our participants. With this being said, Tori will ask general engagement questions from the audience to facilitate conversation throughout the workshop. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, sit back and take this opportunity to learn something new. There will be plenty of opportunity to participate in private conversations with your partner.

Can I attend without my partner?

We want to encourage you to attend with your partner as the workshop is set up to have private conversations with your partner and opportunities to practice exercises throughout the duration of the presentation. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us for further information:

How do I sign up for private couples counselling after the workshop?

We would like to encourage you to consider furthering the conversation in private couples counselling. Tori is currently offering virtual sessions for couples across Ontario. You can see Tori’s schedule by going to our website and schedule your appointment online. If you would like to speak with someone in our office about booking private sessions please call us at 1.888.222.6841 or email us at Tori@OnYourMindCounselling.com. There will also be an administrative personnel at the workshop who can take bookings and answer questions.

Do you offer individual counselling?

At On Your Mind Counselling we offer a variety of services for those seeking individual counselling. We have a team of experts who are specially trained in various methods, populations, and areas of concern to address your specific needs. Individual counselling can be scheduled through our online booking system through our website. You can also schedule appointments by reaching out to us at:
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