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Hi, I’m Robin.

Amid joy and excitement, life is often filled with unexpected challenges. My goal is to help you navigate such challenges through a nonjudgmental and culturally sensitive approach. Whatever has motivated you to take the first step in your journey to seeking support, I’m so glad you have taken this courageous first step. Counselling is a powerful tool to help you thrive and heal.

My approach in counselling is warm and non-judgmental. I work with the individual to self-determine their own goals and strategies, whilst holding a non-judgemental and safe space to explore their feelings. By doing so, my clients are able to realize their strengths and tap into their inner resources, gain and develop coping skills as well as develop resiliency.

“I am honoured to be a part of your emotional healing.”

My approach is collaborative and honours the strengths and wisdom that the individual brings to their own healing journey. I work with clients struggling with life transitions, grief, aging, mental health, addiction and stress. In counselling, clients are provided with a safe and authentic space to explore, process, and recognize patterns of behaviour based on their experiences and feelings. Helping to create positive change in their lives outside of counselling. I specialize in Dialectical behaviour therapy and draw from modalities including Solution Focused, Trauma-informed, Narrative Therapy, CBT, and Mindfulness strategies.

As a Registered Social Worker (RSW) with a Masters degree in Social Work, I have years of experience working with diverse clients. Using evidence-based practice techniques, I have assisted clients who are coping with grief, stress, anxiety and depression, family and relationship conflict, addiction, aging, complex mental health, life changes, adjustment difficulties, trauma, loss, new diagnoses of life-altering illnesses, and emotion dysregulation.

I hope to build a strong therapeutic alliance with you and strive to create a warm and comfortable environment where you feel both at ease and at home. This, essentially, is the foundation for progress and success. I am here to guide you toward your goals and will be patient, attentive, and understanding throughout your therapeutic journey.

I truly recognize the bravery it takes to begin this process, and look forward to connecting with you!

Robin Johal


Specialties: Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Life Changes, Grief & Bereavement, Loss, Chronic or Life-Threatening Illness, Trauma, Aging, Addiction, and Complex Mental Health

We Would Be A Good Fit If:

  • Recognize your mental and emotional health are negatively impacting your well-being in everyday life
  • You’re moving through a new life experience and are seeking support in the adjustment
  • You want to live your life with more gratitude, presence, and compassion for yourself and others
  • Desire new tools, skills, and coping strategies to manage the ups and downs of life
  • Wish to process and start to recover from a traumatic experience
  • Have experienced a loss and are grieving
  • You are working through your addiction and want to gain coping skills
  • You or your loved one have received a difficult diagnosis
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