Rebecca Paulsen from On Your Mind Counselling

Hi, I'm Rebecca.
Let's get started!

Through my client-led therapy approach, I bring my expertise in evidence-based practice, as I support the growth of youth and families.

I’ve spent the last 11 years as a family/military family therapist, a specialty school counsellor and high school therapist for at-risk students, as well as my current role as the Mental Health Leader on a school board.

I am thrilled you are interested in taking a major step forward in your journey.

Therefore, I am guided by my education, my diverse professional experiences, as well as my experience as a mother of three children to give all my clients the most impactful experiences possible.

I also believe that therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice. Hence, I strive to create the space to empower individuals to focus on their needs and choose what works best for them.

I am excited to be working to help you and your family achieve your goals in one-to-one counselling!


I look forward to meeting you,


Rebecca Paulsen


Specialties: Family counselling, depression, anxiety, BPD, major mental health conditions, and anger, depression and anxiety in children and teenagers.

We Would Be A Good Fit If:

  • You’re seeking expert support for your child or teen in a supportive environment
  • Your family is moving through conflict and is in need of guidance
  • Your mental and emotional health is negatively impacting your well-being in everyday life

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