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It’s Dark and I Feel Sad: What You Need to Know about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Do you feel pressure from friends or family to delight in the fall season? From the fall colours to the pumpkin flavoured treats, and your favourite cozy sweater, we can seem to forget this time of year is quite difficult for many people.   With the fall season winding down and a decrease in temperatures…

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Are You Listening? Tools for Becoming a Strong Listener

“Are you even listening?!” How many times have you heard this? If you’re anything like me, my guess is quite a lot. Most often, such a response isn’t elicited due to me deliberately being disrespectful or simply not caring. It really comes down to this truth: listening is hard. Before you start rolling your eyes…

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Navigating Back-To-School As A Parent (During A Global Pandemic)

I remember my own back-to-school seasons so vividly. The period between August winding down and September starting up was always a time filled with excitement and, of course, a tinge of nervousness. I have memories of picking out school supplies, wondering who would be in my classes, and who my teacher would be. It feels…

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Self-Care: What is it & Why is it Important?

Each of us approach the concept of self-care with different perspectives and opinions. Some of us subscribe to the belief that no matter what we always need to put the wellbeing of others before ourselves, therefore perceiving self-care as predominantly selfish. While others of us are advocates for self-care understanding it to be a necessary…

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Marriage - What Makes it Fulfilling?

Marriage – What Makes it Fulfilling?

We can all agree that a wedding is fun, but a marriage? They’re not exactly a piece of cake.  Marriages can be one of the most important relationships we can experience in our lifetimes, though. When a marriage is secure, it can add to our lives feeling meaningful and fulfilled.  We know that marriage can…

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Relationships and the Lies We Tell Ourselves Blog Image for On Your Mind Counselling

Relationships and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

At On Your Mind Counselling, we believe that relationships are the cornerstone of a meaningful life.  Think about your favourite things to do. My guess is that you enjoy sharing meals with loved ones, engaging in meaningful conversations with those who know you best, and sharing new experiences with your partner.  It doesn’t matter if…

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